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About Us

Pongpan Trading Limited Partnership, established in July 1996, manufactures high quality regular slotted and die-cut cartons and all kinds of corrugated board packaging materials, plain or printed.


     The Company is very well aware that packaging materials and products are highly important in today’s global market place to provide strong and attractive means of distributing our customers’ products throughout the world.  The packaging products must be strong, durable, attractive and cost-effective.  Pongpan achieves such standards with the use of high quality raw materials, modern technology machines and highly skilled and motivated staff.


     Design and prototyping services are part of our manufacturing process to help ensure that all of our products completely satisfy the needs of our customers.  Special products and one-off items are all part of our production capability.   Our in-house Computer Aided Design capability makes it possible to quickly produce designs and prototypes for the customer’s approval. Our highly competent and friendly staff are always available to provide the efficient service which our customers require.


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